The celebration of curvilinear structures and admiration for the organic curves found in nature.

A dynamic stool designed to allow the user to become a natural part of the structure.

Through ECUAD’s Industrial Design Program, we were presented with the opportunity to work in collaboration with Vancouver-based company, 18KARAT on the development of a high-stool. 18KARAT is a design, import and retail company specializing in contemporary interior design accessories and furniture. Their mandate of balancing functionality with beauty is a vision that we recognize and share with them.

Bridging the gap between humanity and material to enhance everyday experiences.


The objective of our design was to create a dynamic high-stool, using the least amount of materials while maintaining maximum strength, and allowing the user to become a natural part of the structure. We believed that the object that we brought home should not be just another piece of article, but a connection between humanity and material which every individual object will bring different experiences to our lives. Aiming for extremely light weight, the final design only weights 3.7 lb.

The Hull stool is 100% built out of Western Maple, a commercial lumber grown local to British Columbia.


The spherical seat pan is a motion away from conventional stool design, but allows for relaxed posture when seated. It is inspired by the design of bridges, the construction techniques of raft and canoe hulls, and the visual qualities of horse-saddles.


By using double layers of thin veneer, the seat pan is soft and resilient, opposite from what people normally perceive from the nature of the wood.

   Concept Development   

     Manufacture Process     

* A collaboration between Sylvia Lan, Michael Siy and Carlos Angel