An inspirational toy that will develop children’s interest in keyboards by allowing Children to compose both acoustically and visually.

“Even with my focus so intently on the message, the experience of my fingers on keyboard feels like more than simply a means to a desired end”

– Howard Gardner.

The Interactive Keyboard Lights visualizes the enjoyment of fingers on the keyboard. Each button on the keyboard is a switch of a key note and one or two light bulbs. Every time the child presses on a key, the keyboard will respond with a key note and lights up one or two light bulbs.



------ Develop interest | Experience | Satisfaction ------


The lights, sound, colors and the shape of the toy attracts children to interact with it, experiencing fingers on keyboard and composing the melody and the lights. They Interactive Keyboard Lights will entertain the player, the listener and the viewer. Children will not only have enjoyment, but also feel accomplished and satisfied while composing the melody and the sequence of the light.