A versatile system that can support human weight while store or display objects which will also fit and maximize almost any space.

   Problem / Mission   

     Manufacture Process     

The continuous urban population growth causes the rise in property rate and resulting in smaller living space for many households. When the space gets smaller, it becomes harder to find the furniture that has the right scale, height and feel to coordinate with the space.


The challenge of living in a small space is how to fit and store the furniture in the space given and avoid deterioration of living conditions. Thus, creating a versatile and creative system becomes a design opportunity in modern society which demands furniture with solutions.

   Design Opportunity   

The intention is to create modular volumes that will support human weight which is also able to create a versatile system based on the user’s imagination and needs.


The units can be interconnected into different systems with different ways of configuration, allowing it to fit in any size or shape of the room.


The system will allow the users to create their perfect furniture to place into their home. Users can create different systems depending upon their needs and preferences.

   Design Concept   



  • Light and firm

  • Paper honeycomb structure


  • Insert magnet into wood panels and underneath the cushion.

  • Easy to manage and user friendly.


  • Minimalism

  • Maximize limited living space

  • Minimized the material used


  • Versatile & Customizable

  • Utilize every space given

  • Combining Storage with Seating

  • Different seating systems depending on users needs and preferences