Reinforcing the connection between the food, the serving medium and the user to promote playful food sharing experiences.

   Concept Development   

     Manufacture Process     

* A collaboration between Sylvia Lan, Simon Chan and Cohen Pedersen-Wood

Our goal is to create an interactive tilting plate that will change its position while serving the food, rather than serving with its static form.

The plates can be used as a sharing plate as the curvature at the bottom makes it tilts, allowing interaction with other people and with the plate itself. The handhold size plates can also be used as a portable vessel as the curvature at the bottom of the plate will sits against the curvature of the palm, makes it easier to hold. Naut-a-bowl is coated with Shellac wood finishing, a natural food safe finishing.

The plates can be connected by the sides. There are 3 earth magnets embedded in each side of each plate. The shape of the project is inspired by the shape of nautilus shells, which when the plates are stacking up, it creates an interesting appearance.

     Concept Development