PIECES - Modular Furniture System

Creating a versatile system that is able to transform into different types of furniture desired by the user’s need and preferences.

    Design Criteria    

Furniture tends to be fixed once the decision of its function and placement has been made. However, the PIECES system allows the user to customize unique furniture formations as they are being placed, providing flexibility in furnishing houses. With each units’ unique aesthetics and different configurations, placing the system becomes a work of art. With desired needs and preferences, the units can be interconnected and shaped into different formations, thus allowing it to fit into almost any size of space.


Through interacting with the system, PIECES creates an emotional connection between the users and itself. It is a decorative and functional piece of furniture that can be placed almost anywhere.

  • Interaction with the object

  • Foster emotional connection (personalized)

  • Re-arrange configuration and re-enable function

  • Supporting human weight

  • Simple connection and easy to manage

  • Timeless aesthetic appeal

  • Decorative & functional piece

    Manufacture Process